Newman Catholic Fellowship

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The Newman Catholic Fellowship is the meeting place for undergraduate students aged 25 and under at NYU and neighboring universities. The group meets every Thursday (7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.) for dinner and fellowship, and additional service and fellowship opportunities are available on a regular basis.

Have questions about the Catholic faith? The Bible? The Church's teachings on sex, war, or social justice? Do you want to know more about the Virgin Mary, salvation, or Jesus Himself? Drop by for study or some friendly discussion. Delicious dinners are provided at each meeting, and all are welcome. Although the club represents the Catholic voice on campus, its members come from various religious traditions and backgrounds. Its goal is to strengthen each other in our walks with Christ, and to encourage each other as we try to fulfill the purpose which Christ entrusted to His Church: to be the Light of the World. It also strives to give back to the community through outreach and service projects.

Established in 1894, it is the oldest undergraduate Catholic social organization on campus.

The 2016-2017 Executive Board

Andrew Stola, President
Class of 2017—College of Arts and Sciences; Economics

Andrew grew up in Pennsylvania and previously served as the Newman Club's Treasurer. He has enjoyed his time at NYU and recently studied in the London Campus. He enjoys learning about the history of the Church and her great minds.

Christina Marini, Vice President
Class of 2018— Public Health and Theology

Christina Marini is a junior in Gallatin and is studying public health and theology. She loves a good food adventure with friends, and enjoys writing in her spare time. She is the founder of a Liberal Studies Club at NYU called "Writers of New York" and loves working with the students and seeing new places in the city. Lastly, one of Christina's dreams is to travel to as many states as she can and try the food that the state is known for.

Lynchel (Lyn) Brumaire, Treasurer
Class of 2019—Religious Studies and Biology

I am 19 going on 20, Haitian-American. I am really in love with my own faith, but enjoy learning about other religions. When im not studying I am either napping or trying to find to learn more about the history of my people. If anyone enjoys the show "The Blacklist" please find me, there are so few of us.

Michelle Volk, Fellowship Chair
Class of 2017- College of Arts and Sciences; Biology and Ecology

Hailing from the Great Plains, Michelle is a senior studying biology, ecology, and music. When she's not in the lab or rehearsal, she can be found by the piano, playing in the dirt, or encouraging her peers to recycle more.

Annie Li, Secretary
Class of 2018- Steinhart; Media, Culture, and Communication

I'm 100% Chinese-born in Shanghai and grew up in Beijing, but I love exploring different cultures and making new friends. By the grace of God I'm now in New York City telling stories through media, especially arts. I am even more excited to share my story with Christ. There is always joy in such acts of love!